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أكمل ماجستير والدكتوراه
في جامعة أبودا بودابست هنغاريا

 Óbuda University
Study Master & PhD

جامعة أبودا بودابست هنغاريا

 Óbuda University, Budapest Hungary


أكمل ماجستير والدكتوراه
في جامعة أبودا بودابست هنغاريا

About Óbuda University

WE welcome prospective and current students, as well as all those who wish to obtain information about our institution via the World Wide Web. You can read authentic and up-to-date information about our courses, our lecturers, university news, our successes and achievements. Óbuda University has a lot to offer, because despite its young age, it is an institution with a long tradition and a rich history. We do our job well when we are worthy of our predecessors who reflected the challenges of their time in the most progressive and innovative ways.


Óbuda University offers a wide range of opportunities to participate in international mobility programmes and provides an attractive teaching and research environment for foreign students. We have excellent conditions for world-class research and teaching with a multicultural atmosphere in our laboratories and lecture halls.


Our university’s academic-researchers, the high quality of our training and the innovative activities that take place at our institution are increasingly recognised internationally.


In 2019, when I took over the leadership of the institution, international rankings unofficially placed Óbuda University in 2083rd place, and today, the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking now officially places the institution in 1079th place among the world’s best universities. So we have moved up a thousand places. In THE’s ranking of young universities, Óbuda University is the best Hungarian higher education institution, ranking in the top 301-350 in February 2022.

 تخصصات الماجستير في الجامعة

 Graduate programs

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Graduate programs

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Architect
  • Business Development
  • Business Informatics
  • Computer Science Engineering - (Budapest Campus)
  • Computer Science Engineering - (Székesfehérvár Campus)
  • Geoinformatics
  • Mechatronical Engineering MSc

Graduate programs

Students holding a BSc degree or equivalent may pursue an MSc degree. Out of 14 (MSc) graduate degrees programs; 7 are available in English language. Acceptance and placement are based on the student’s academic credentials and current level of knowledge (incl. English language) assessed prior to acceptance.


Some MSc degree programs offer refresher courses, preparatory semesters so students can upgrade their knowledge in the relevant engineering subjects. Applicants are required to submit their academic transcripts and if applicable, details of their professional experience. Students generally follow an assigned curriculum, but can freely choose elective courses depending on their personal interests.


Courses are run in small groups and students are expected to work individually under the direction of a personal tutor. Students have free access to laboratories, research facilities, and computers. An MSc degree program is generally 4 semesters, 2 years in duration, consisting of 26 hours of instruction per week and 5 examinations per semester. After a successful completion of a thesis and final exams, the MSc degree is granted enabling its holder to actively conduct valid research and solve high-level engineering tasks.

 تخصصات الدكتوراه في الجامعة

 PhD programs

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PhD programs

  • Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics

  • Materials Science & Technologies

  • Safety and Security Sciences

PhD programs

A PhD degree at Óbuda University is one earned by sufficiently proving the candidate’s ability for self-standing scientific work, which must be demonstrated by writing a thesis summarizing the candidate’s research results. Furthermore, it is necessary to pass a set of qualifying examinations in some basic and applied sciences related to the field of the submitted thesis. Candidates are to publish their results prior to the submission of their thesis.
Applicants for the PhD degree program must hold an MSc or MPhil, or equivalent degree issued by an academic institution and must possess an overall understanding of a high competence in their field of knowledge and also be familiar with cognitive disciplines. They must be capable of using various research techniques. Admission requirements include excellent grades, an MSc degree (or equivalent), a final project, and/or the achievement of good initial results in research. Applicants still in process of working on their Master’s degree projects may be admitted conditionally.


In case of applicants who have devoted time to a scientific or engineering practice, their achievements during this period will be considered in addition to their graduation results. In addition to professional achievements, applicants should clearly demonstrate a sense of responsibility for the advancement of scientific knowledge.


PhD candidates carry out their studies and research on an individual basis under the guidance of a professor or a senior member of the academic staff. This research work contributes to scientific knowledge to be recognized by the international scientific community. Doctoral candidates must present their research results at national/international conferences and symposia and are expected to publish significant and major achievements of their works in internationally referred professional periodicals. Work towards a PhD degree requires at least 3 years, 6 semesters of study. The time may be longer, depending on the topic and the candidate’s personal diligence. Upon completion of all necessary work for the PhD thesis, a dissertation is to be prepared according to the formal requirements published in the Doctoral Code of Óbuda University.

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